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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Aloha Friends and 'Ohana,
Well were RIGHT back to some BEAUTIFUL weather again! Cross your fingers it lasts this time! Headin' into SPRINGTIME! Well lets see I wanted to write about some NEW stuff goin' on at DA GRILLE!

First off, WOW what a GREAT NIGHT, the FIRST ALOHA OPEN MIC was! I was blown away at the talent that sits in our restaurant and "listens" to the regular bands that play here!? You guys were SOOO GOOD!! A definate REGULAR thing we can talk about and put together!

•SAIMIN - If you tried it before and liked it... You HAVE to try it NOW!!! We started making our own DASHI (Soup Base) and added some really great stuff to the mix: Egg, Fishcake, Shitake Mushroom, and NEW style SAIMIN NOODLES that are ONO TO DA MAX!!
WOW seriously get in and try it! BROK DA MOUT! And just: $5.95! What a STEAL!

•AHI POKE - We have RE-FINED our recipe for this one... We've added SWEET ONION with Shoyu, Sesame Seeds, Sesame Oil and PLENTY ALOHA! SO check 'em out! Another GREAT pupu at a GREAT PRICE: $ 4.50

•VEGETABLE CROQUETTES - Many of you DON'T know we even have this on our menu! Potato cakes with veggies in them rolled in Panko and Deep Fried Golden and Crispy! Served with our ONO Katsu Sauce! $3.50

Be on the lookout for ALL of our ONO specialties right here at Aloha Island Grille! Lots to eat ALL DA TIME! We appreciate your business and look forward to seein' you all right here sometime soon!

The Aloha Island Grille


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