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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aloha Moving Forward...

Aloha mai kakou,

Timmy and Numa here. We would like to take the time to THANK all of you who participated in the raffle for our dear friend "Bully Nakaahiki". We feel that the entire fundraiser was a hit! We would like to thank Braddah Bill Dean for all of his TIRELESS effort and ALOHA in organizing this raffle as well as the Dj's at KAPU lp 104.7 FM in Watsonville for all of their hard work in letting folks know about the raffle, and helping to raise the very needed funds to help the Nakaahiki's out...

It was GREAT to see our girl MAHEALANI back in the Cruz! She was looking beautiful as ever and she sends her LOVE and ALOHA to you all as well! So once again... MAHALO!!!! We wish the Nakaahiki's our VERY VERY BEST...

LIVE MUSIC at ALOHA has been terminated. Yes you have heard it right here...We are VERY sad to see it end...We have been cited by the County of Santa Cruz and are looking into the "possibility" of having Live Hawaiian Music in the future if it at all possible. We will keep you all up to date as the saga continues... We would like to take this time to thank all of you for your patronage and support of Hawaiian music here in Santa Cruz. We understand how much it means to so so many of you... We also realize what it has done for the community of Live Oak as well as the Hawaiian Community here in Santa Cruz and throughout the Bay Area...
We will do EVERYTHING in our power to try and get it back to Aloha Island Grille, where it BELONGS... So keep up the good vibes and positivity! ALOHA always PREVAILS... No matter what!!!! IMUA!!!

Well make sure to come down to Aloha and enjoy some of our GREAT new specials.. Including..........................................PRIMO BEER!!!! Yes PRIMO has RETURNED to the WORLD!!! We will have this crisp delicious Hawai'i made frosty brew FRESH on TAP as well as in BOTTLES! PLEASE pass on the word! We are so excited that it has re-emerged!!! Made with Hawaiian Cane Sugar and Proceeds Help Preserve the Enviorment and Culture of the Islands!!! So how can you NOT drink it! MAHALO PRIMO!!!!
As well as this you can also check out all of our ONO specials and Combinations! Grilled Ahi Teriyaki, Ahi Tuna Kabobs, Lemon Chicken, HOT Beef Stew, Pork Cutlet, Portuguese Bean Soup, Combo Saimin (two choices!), As well as all of our regular and ONO menu items!
Come check us out and help spread more ALOHA... It's just what the world needs...
A hui hou,
Timmy and Numa
Aloha Island Grille


At 12:52 PM, Blogger Josh Boone said...

I love Primo!!! Glad to see it Aloha Island Grille!


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